Hiking Tips for Mt. Rainier National Park


Top 10 Mt. Rainier National Park Hikes

Bench & Snow Lake Trail (2.5 miles)

*Comet Falls & Van Trump Park Trail (3.8-5.8 miles) 

Eagle Peak Trail (7.2 miles)
Emerald Ridge Trail (17.2 miles)

Lake George & Gobblers Knob Trail (12.8 miles)

Indian Henry’s Hunting Ground (11.5-13 miles)
Klapatche Park Trail (21 miles)

Pinnacle Peak Trail (2.5 miles)

Rampart Ridge Trail (4.6 miles)

*Skyline Trail (5 miles)

Family Hikes

Nisqually Vista Trail (1.2 miles)

Bench and Snow Lakes Trail (2.5 miles)

Skyline Trail to Myrtle Falls (1 mile)

Twin Firs Loop Trail (.4 miles)

Lakes Trail (3 miles)

Snowshoe Treks

*Wonderland Trail to Carter Falls (3 miles)

Copper Creek Hut (5.5 miles)

High Hut (4.0 miles; steep grade)

Dog-Friendly Hikes

*High Rock Lookout (3.2 miles; steep grade)

Osborne Mt. Trail (10 miles)

Lake Christine (3.6 miles)

*Host Favorite